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There was a time when Pakistani shoppers had limited options at their disposal. when products in the market weren't commercially as appealing as the ones found in Europe and America.

the country was littered with open spaced markets, which were full of products that failed to allure the youth. all that changed over the last decade, and although the markets had become a little more trendy, upscale and visually in harmony with the rest of the world; they still lacked that magnet; that modish appeal which leaves the young and the young-hearted

in a state of ecstasy.


Enter ChimÆra, and the commercial landscape gets an entirely new look.

We have the power to turn heads and the character to WOW our customers. We're relevant; we're the present, and we celebrate popular culture the way it deserves to be celebrated.

Lose yourself in our cosmos of absolutely amazing products. So whether you're a marvel fan and want a slice of Tony Stark's joviality or you wish to ride a dragon of the white headed mad queen and go about Dracarys-ing everyone. Whether you wish to enrol at Hogwarts and become its alumni or you wish to shake a leg like those BTS folks. Whether you have an appetite for the rest of Stan Lee's Marvel gang or you want to make your business successful 'By the order of the Peaky Fookin Blinders'.   Whether you're addicted to PUBG or you take a delight in the latest internet memes, tv shows, rock bands and old classic Hollywood or you're just the literary type and prefer subtlety over fashion. We at ChimÆra have everything for everyone.  Check out our website for products and designs that we are certain you won't discover elsewhere.  

ChimÆra isn't just another brand in the market; it's an experience.

OUTLET: shop 337, 3rd floor,

            centaurus mall, f-8,



IG & FB: @chimaerastore 

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